Sunday, August 1, 2010

a day in my lonesomeness

i feel so lonely. no one to talk to. gosh... i hope all of you are doing far better than i am. can't wait for my next trip though.... ^_^

Monday, May 17, 2010

Let us go to Mexico!

It's summer time! And the heat is definitely on! Every summer time, I just want to go out, explore the world, hit the beach and get some tan :) As my header says, for me, SUMMER IS THE MOTHER OF ALL SEASONS :P

I've been everywhere-- Bali, Caribbean, El Nido, Copacabana, Boracay, Puerto Galera and many other beach sites in the Philippines. But there is this one that tickled my fancy, and it is spelled as C-A-N-C-U-N!

When you hear the word, I bet the first thing that the first three things that come to your mind is SUN, BEACH AND FUN! I know right? :) That's why I've been saving up for me to be able to experience this wonderful vacay spot. My grand getaway! After all these hustle and bustle in the corporate world, one relaxing tan in the beach would do my sanity a favor.

In preparation for this grand getaway, my teeny weeny fingers went sprawling on the keyboard to search for the coolest beaches and resorts in Cancun. And there I was able to find El Cid Vacations Club. Oh my gaaaaaaaahhhdd! It is just paradise.

I've also learned that its membership can get you to other cool resorts!
With the El Cid Vacations Club memberships you will have the right to each of his points every year. The number of points you have depends on the membership package that you apply. You can use the points that you get for good accommodation at their hotel or resort condominium, plane tickets, cruise packages, car rentals and “experiential vacation” package. If you register yourself with VIP membership, you are given five hundred thousand points. While the VIP Platinum awarded one million points. If you get more points that means more benefits, more discount, more choice for you. Get your membership now with the El Cid Vacation and you do not need to be worried again when you ‘re traveling anywhere

aaahhhh!! and now the suspense is just killing me!!!!!

i think i have to go now. gotta hit the mall and get the best swimsuit ever for the best vacation ever!!!!